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E.C. Fix Technology Limited Participated in Creative Secondary School “Work Experience Programme”

Creative Secondary School Form 4 Students Experienced in E.C. Fix
 E.C. Fix Technology Limited (ECFix) participated in the Work Experience Programme from Creative Secondary School (CSS) again this year, in order to provide opportunities for the Form 4 students to experience in a real working environment.

This is the third year for ECFix to join the program from CSS, in order to help secondary students to further understand the world of work and make a better decision on subject choices or career direction.

ECFix believes in, the program is useful for attracting talented students to study in the subject of ICT and to be an Information Technology practitioner in future. ECFix is impressed that there are 2 talented students have been joined into ECFix, and expended their learning outside the classroom. We hope to active involve in the education, and provide a well assistance in developing the young elites in the Information Technology industry.