Procurement Service

Your considerate procurement service provider source quality goods globally

Sourcing for components and parts that are suitable for specific technical needs could be a challenging duty, especially when quantity and frequency of procurement are not even. This process can be outsourced to a dedicated team specialized for sourcing, ordering, testing and tracking.

Our procurement services have grown steadily over the past few years.

ECFix provides wide range of procurement service from repairing small parts to infrastructure needed to set up the data center.

Our purchase amount is more than $1.4 million a year for different customers, company size from SME to multinational enterprise, as well as individual customers, with complete quality control.

Our Procurement Service includes:

  • Sourcing and Purchase
  • Quality Check
  • Logistics Arrangement
  • Infrastructure
  • Electronic Device Repair and Maintenance

Our Procurement expertise provides the best solution by:


You can source various parts and products as many as 30 brands from 14 vendors efficiently because analysis and comparison will be provided by our sourcing service. Here are the brands that we frequently source – HP, DELL, Cisco, Lenovo, Canon, IBM, Microsoft, Synology etc.

Due to our remarkable track record, good relationship between some worldwide electronic distributors and us has been established. We are reliable partner with the following vendors – Synnex, Ingram Micro, Innovix etc.


From printers that cost $500 to server equipment that cost over $100K, we always give a helping hand. No matter what kind of products, please don’t hesitate to talk to us. Our professional procurement team are experience in purchasing a wide range of products including –

Business products: Computer, Monitor, Laptop, Printer & Ink, IP camera, Network Equipment

Computer accessories: CPU, Hard disk, Mouse, WiFi-egg, Power bank

Computer components, Printer parts

Others: Server, Network Equipment, Software, NAS (Network Storage), UPS, Telco System

Niche items that are suitable for your specific technical needs


Understood that it is troublesome to deal with the clearance of goods and taxation, also sometimes communication problem will occur among delivery, supplier and Customs and Excise Department, our project admin and logistics team take care every step for you.

Your global procurement is going to be easy with our one-stop procurement service. We help you to complete all the forms and ensure smooth communication in between. Single contact point allows you to get your product punctually with peace of mind.

Quality Control: Testing / Installation / Maintenance

After we purchase products or components, quality control will be performed to ensure the product quality.  Equipment reviews and ratings will be tracked regularly and tests will be conducted. A workshop designated for testing and repairing purpose is set up in our office. Installation and maintenance service can be provided by request to provide sustainable support to our customers.

Our Workshop Facility

The quality of products and the safety of workplace are our top priority, the followings are observed:

  • EDS protected
  • ISO certified
  • Calibrated tools

Our Aftersales Service

In our workshop, we offer a wide range of services including:

Repair Service

  • Wi-Fi device, Mobile phone, Printer, Monitor, Laptop, Computer, UPS, Network Equipment, Passbook printer
  • Full Hardware Diagnostics
  • Replacement: Battery, Power Supply, Panel, Cover, Mainboard
  • Welding Technology

Testing Service: Printer, Monitor, Laptop, Computer etc

Data Recovery Service

Other IT Solution 

Monitor / TV Repair

Mobile Device Repair

Service Part

Computer Equipment

Our Repair Service Workflow




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