ecTrack – Logistics Tracking System

Real-Time and Visible Track & Trace Tool to Improve your Shipment Process

Our ecTack is a system that links with mobile Apps function which it can enhance the shipment process. Customers can also sign the documents in mobile App and the information can be reflected in system real time. With our innovative system design, we do not only provide fast and reliable delivery service but also a full track and trace visibility to our valuable customers. Simple steps of filling the blank, then all subsequent logistics can be tracked digitally and instantly.

ecTrack Process Flow

Step 1
Make Enquiry
Step 2
Update Order Info
Step 3
Send Delivery Note
Step 4
Deliver Goods
Step 5
Sign Completion
Step 6
Check Order Status

Why ecTrack is Real-Time and Visible?


Shipment List

Administrators can easily create a new shipment request and assign corresponding truck for immediate shipment with our simple system design layout. Delivery Note will be sent to the driver and customer will receive a reference number for tracking once a request is created in the system.


Apps linkage

Drivers can receive and view the orders from ecTrack mobile App to arrange immediate shipment to customer accordingly. Communication and status update are allowed within App.


Customer Confirmation

Customers can check their order status anytime online and sign confirmation using mobile App.


Other Solution – Inventory System (EIS)

A simple warehouse management tools to handle large amount SKU with ease.

Develop Product Profile

Process Stock-In

Process Stock-out

Check/Update Storage Status

Auto-Send Delivery Note

Extra Report for Analysis

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