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Information Security Training

To strengthen our defenses against future data breaches and cyber-attacks, also address the increasing threats to the security of our information systems and data, four identical Information Security (IS) Training sessions had been held by our IT department during March 2019.

The training covered the following topics which provided basic knowledge of Information Security to our employee to reduce the risk of unauthorized information disclosure, modification, and destruction.

  • What is sensitive information in a company
  • How to achieve information security
  • The importance of Information security between employees and the company
  • Daily Practice in office for information security
  • Dos and Don’ts in Information security policy

Many people think Information Security is a difficult topic. Our IT colleagues demonstrated real life example to make it easier for everyone to understand and get closer to the concept. It is just a start to raise everyone’s attention on Information Security by an easy and interesting way. After the training, a compulsory online quiz will be sent to every employee to ensure our staff obtain the IS knowledge because Information Security is everyone’s responsibility!


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