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2019 Secondary School Student Internship Program

As a part of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs, we consistently support Creative Secondary School Student Work Experience Program to provide working experience to its students. Besides gaining work experience, we hope this internship program will assist the students in their future career development.

This year, Sam and Alexander from Creative Secondary School worked with us for a week. Apart from basic data entry, they participated in brainstorming creative ideas for our future CSR program. On the last day of their internship, they did a presentation about how to use social media to promote our CSR program to schools.

We became friends who can share our thoughts on working between mentor and mentee during this week. We are surprised at their thank you letter and happy to hear that they had memorable times and wanted to be more involved with our team.

Congratulation and thank you, Sam and Alexander! We hope you enjoyed your time with us and found this program practical.


may lam

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