Home-made Mooncake for ECFix Family

Home-made Mooncake for ECFix Family

Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for family reunion, and as a big family, we treasure every minute with our staff. To celebrate this meaningful time, this year we continue to invite a local kitchen to manufacture unique ECFix mooncakes for us. The mooncakes are 100% homemade without any additives or preservative, assuring that all of them are fresh and healthy. A slight bite through the unique crispy skin of the mooncake instantly releases the attractive flavor of egg custard from within. With just the right amount of sugar, it will not be a burden to gulp down more than one mooncake at a time.

Apart from the great taste and texture, the wrapping of mooncakes is also specially designed. Using the great work by our illustrator, the illustration on the mooncake package shows a family spending their Mid-Autumn Festival together. In the picture, while most of the children are having fun on the tree, parents are sitting on the ground preparing food and enjoying the moonlight. ECFix hopes to become the second family to all colleagues, and sincerely wish that our colleagues can have some enjoyable time in the company, just as the family members in the pictures do. Lastly, we wish that everyone can have a nice reunion time with their families and wish you all a great Mid-Autumn Festival!



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