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E. C. Fix Technology Limited Awarded the Caring Company for 2009/2010


“Turning Concepts into Actions, Build-up a Caring Community”
As a responsible corporate citizen, E. C. Fix Technology Limited (ECFix) has always been demonstrating good corporate social responsibility and caring spirit to the community. This year, ECFix is recognized by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for our passion and commitment in exemplary corporate citizenship, with the established “Caring Company” logo.

Caring Company Award is always supported by different parties among the community, in order to develop closer community. As a new join member, ECFix participated the scheme with the hope of supporting the education and launching more social caring schemes. ECFix has participated in a number of socially conscious events and programs in the past year, including charity fundraisers, social enterprise IT training and volunteering our expertise towards equipping and training disadvantaged youths with the cooperation of social enterprises. The ECFix will keep her efforts in the 3 aspects “Social Involvement”, “Education Development” and “Caring Employer”, turning concepts into actions, with the aims of fulfilling the corporate social responsibilities.

About Caring Company Scheme
The Caring Company scheme launched by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, aims to raise awareness of corporate social responsibility (CSR) among the public in Hong Kong by recognizing companies and organizations that have demonstrated CSR within the past year.  It also encourages partnerships between public and private sector organizations in order to better serve the community.[/fusion_text]



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