Innovation Service Platform – ecTEAM2 is coming…

[fusion_text]ecTEAM2 is our innovative service platform to be launched. It consists of seven major services, which are ITO (Information Technology Outsourcing), HRO (Human Resource Outsourcing), BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), Logistics, Procurement, Call Centers and Accounting/Finance/Legal.

Provide a single counterpart to solve customers’ concerns immediately has always been our goal. Therefore, ecTEAM2 aims to be the Team 2 of our customers to help them deal with all the tedious tasks beyond their main business so that they can focus on their main business and achieve greater success.

Besides, we welcome companies from all industries to join our ecTEAM2 platform and become our partners to provide the best service to customers, as well as to generate more business opportunities.

Last month, “ecTEAM2 Chinese Name Naming Competition” was held. We received a lot of applications from our colleagues in just a few days. All of them are creative. Finally, the name – 添易 beat down all the competitors. Congratulations to the winner – Ada Wan.

Here is the explanation of “添易”. “添” means adding and increasing. “易” can be translated as “trading” or “easy” which explains that ecTEAM2 will help customers to generate more business easily. Once you request, we do the rest and the best.[/fusion_text]



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