E.C. Fix offers a variety of HR Outsourcing services designed to satisfy your recruitment and project needs.  We draw upon our experience in the IT industry in both Hong Kong and China, as well as our network of Worldex Logistics Group companies, in order to provide you with appropriate HR solutions.  Our HR Outsourcing services include recruitment services and secondment services.

Recruitment Services

E.C. Fix will assist you in determining the exact IT requirements that must be fulfilled, creating a desired position profile that will clearly define your company’s specific IT needs.  You will have access to our database of candidates, and we will screen appropriate candidates based on qualifications, experience, HR feedback, and any other specific requests that are essential to finding the appropriate fit for both your IT needs and your office environment.  We will then provide follow-up consultation services to ensure that your IT needs have been met adequately.

Secondment Services

In situations where a company has a limited-range IT need, such as a specific project with a defined timeline, or there is an unexpected short-term need that arises, or any other situation where it may be advantageous, E.C. Fix also provides secondment services. Using secondment services has several advantages in the short term, such as having the expertise of an IT professional without many of the HR responsibilities, savings in overall costs and expenses, being able to re-focus internal staff on key business tasks and operations, having fresh external input and knowledge on trends and technology, and many more.