2019 management planning meeting

ECFix 2019 Planning Day

[fusion_text]UP Friday is our monthly management meeting starting from Jan 2018 which implied a meaning of Upgrade and Level UP. News and knowledge will be shared, and department review will be performed during the meeting to serve as the purposes below-

  • Encourage cross team cooperation and understanding
  • Enhance management knowledge and generate new ideas
  • Improve colleagues’ presentation and organizing skills

Last year, Dr. Kee Chi Hing J.P., the Chair of Fullness Society Enterprises Society was invited to provide training to our management. A 3-year Bold Steps Vision was completed under his guidance.

2019 is coming. It is time to review and plan for the coming year. Therefore, an offsite management meeting was held in The Palace (Cheung Sha Wan) on 29 Nov 2018 to perform a 2019 planning. This year we had invited our honorable consultant Alvin Yong to provide a sharing on Professionalism. He interpreted ECFix Professionalism as Expectation, Consistency, Feasibility, Image and eXtraordinary, also emphasized our ECFix spirit – wE Can FIX it!

To look back on 2018, some internal developments are still difficult to improve but no. of new business accounts are increased slightly. There are always ups and downs that we have to work hard to get closer and closer to our goals step by step. During the meeting, 2019 Hoshin Planning and Review are performed by departments to set target and strategy for the coming year.

Lastly, kudos to the ECFix management: thank you for last year’s hard work! We are making changes little by little. No matter how tough the situation is it, we believe that wE Can FIX it! Let’s fight for our bright future success.[/fusion_text]



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