IT Services

The operational costs of IT equipment and applications, including acquisition, setup and maintenance, can be significantly decreased by outsourcing in whole, or in part, the responsbilities of IT management.  This frees our clients to re-distribute and re-invest key company resources into increasing the market strength of their own businesses.  E.C. Fix offers a wide range of IT solutions to our clients, from short-term equipment loans and repair to longer-term software application development.  We also specialize in L2 Bench Module Level Screening and L3 Bench Level Component Repair, as well as Hewlett-Packard equipment, such as PCs, notebooks, printers, servers and data storage equipment.  Our software IT services include OS support for Windows, Linux, VMX and HP-UX, and software integration for HP MC/SG, Data Protector, Symantec Backup, VMWare, MS Cluster, MS AD, MS SQL and MS Exchange.

  • Hardware: PCs, notebooks, printers
  • Server equipment: Intel/Alpha/Unix servers/HP Server
  • Component troubleshooting
  • Data storage solutions
  • Off-shore applications
  • Infrastructure setup
  • Application development
  • Equipment loaning
  • Service counter management
  • OS support
  • Software integration
  • Relocation service
  • Degauss
  • SMB
  • Email migration
  • IT Outsource