ecBooking – Online Booking Tool

Book Anything Anytime Anywhere Easily

ecBooking is a comprehensive platform for making online appointments. It is a web and mobile-based application, which is more reliable and accurate compares to the traditional paper system. Its highly customizable interface is suitable for all kinds of bookable services.

How ecBooking help your business?


Understand Your Customers

Data collection of customer habits for marketing used to enhance customer loyalty


Increase Competitiveness

Easy-to-use system provides convenience which increase customer satisfaction


Improve Efficiency

Simplify reservation procedure while better resources management with traceable records


Save Time & Cost

Web-based platform, no installation and maintenance is needed

Services can be booked

ecbooking_icon5 Venue Booking
ecbooking_icon6 Massage Booking
ecbooking_icon7 Salon Stylist Booking
ecbooking_icon8 Clinic Booking
ecbooking_icon9 Event Booking
ecbooking_icon10 Others

Key Features for Different Parties

ecbooking_img1 Customers ecbooking_icon-1 Service Providers ecbooking_icon-2 Management
Needs Convenient Reservation Efficient Service Arrangement Comprehensive Database Management

Simple user interface

Minimal reservation procedures

Multiple services to choose

Email/SMS notification to avoid missing booking

Highly customized platform (time scheme, service category, approval model, access permission…)

Accurate customer verification

Systematic schedule management

Well-organized membership system

Different management level control

Customer database management for future planning

Report exportation for business analysis