CMS – Case Management System

Handle a Great Number of Customer Calls effectively by our Customized CMS

ECFix Case Management System (CMS) is a system to manage a large volume of customer’s call in data with engineer onsite supporting services. It provides an effective and efficient way for call agent to manage customer’s call. CMS enables companies not only to reduce the operating cost but also to optimize the business processing time in handling customer’s inquiry.

How do we respond to customers’ call by CMS?


make an inquiry


receive & log call


retrieve info from knowledge database & deploy call


provide onsite support

Highlighting Features of CMS


CMS Dashboard

With our strong data analysis tool, a full picture of current case details is provided which helps the management to project future business forecast.


Call Log History and Engineer Schedule Management

Case detail information such as engineer onsite and offsite schedule as well as call log management are shown in a simple clear interface for your easy editing.

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